​Gilgamesh, Origin of the First Superhero

April 23, 2014

​Gilgamesh, the First Superhero

(Above image from a painting by Frank Frazetta.)

In ages past, storytellers told tales of gods and monsters around campfires. Stories passed from generation to the next. Heroes became more heroic; villains more villainous. Today’s myths come in full-color panels, and the gods wear tights – but before modern Marvels, there was the world’s first superhero.

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​I use comic books to teach

January 29, 2014

​I use comic books to teach

Truth be told, using comic books in the classroom is by no means as unusual or risqué as it might have once been. Nowadays, comics are considered a legitimate teaching tool for any subject. Here are some I’ve used in class.

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Woden’s Day Wisdom: Origin of the Hero – and why it’s needed

June 17, 2009

Super-hero movies are the golden boys of Hollywood these days, but success breeds contempt as fans struggle with just what it is that makes a “good super-hero movie.” Again and again we hear, “origin movies are cliché,” “don’t make origin films,” “long drawn-out origins are boring.”

The evidence, however, does not bear this out. What’s more, the origin of the hero is an essential part of just what makes a hero epic. Without an origin a story is just a day-in-the-life, but with an origin it becomes mythic.

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Woden’s Day Wisdom: LOLcat finds religion

May 20, 2009

Not every legend at Monomythic.com need be millennia old, here’s one that’s been around for less than a decade.

Yes, LOLcat, the bane of internet intellectuals and boon of every tween to discover e-mail forwarding, but what does this oft-derided web meme have to do with the origins of myth?

Simple: it is mythmaking in action.

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Woden’s Day Wisdom: Gilgamesh, First Action Hero

May 13, 2009

We’ve already talked about how Gilgamesh inspired Dragonball, but the ancient King of Uruk was a lot more than just a brawler.

He was an action hero.

In a lesser known legend of the Two-Thirds God, Gilgamesh fought Akka, his old commander and mentor, and did so with the bad-assery of today’s grittiest celluloid brawlers.

In this story, Gish (our name for Gilgamesh) is a young demigod. He learned a lot about the ways of the world from Akka, king of Kish. It was through Akka that Gish gained his first real tastes of leadership, but with the safety of a people under his protection, Gish felt compassion.

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Woden’s Day Wisdom: That Time Thor Wore Drag

May 6, 2009

Sure in the comics, Thor’s been a woman and there have been women (and girls) who have tried to take his place, but back in the land of the ice and snow they tell the tale of Thor’s wedding day and forsaking the dignity of the God of Thunder, it’s absolutlely hilarious.

In the 800-year-old-poem Thrymskvida the great Thor is shown at his best – well, his finest anyway.

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Woden’s Day Wisdom: Hero Twins, Original Ballers

April 29, 2009

Long before we began to worship athletes on TV, long before the invention of basketball – heck, before man walked on the Earth – the first ballplayers were winning games and signing autographs.

They were playing…

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