Kickstarter Campaigns You Need to See!

The Teoatl Kickstarter campaign is almost at 200%! That’s amazing! Well, let’s not hog all the spotlight, here are other crowdfunding campaigns that deserve some love!

Speculative Fiction for Dreamers (ending Oct. 21)

Editor Matthew David Goodwin brings together some of the best Latinx creators for young adult fiction. The world needs more books like this! (I recently had the chance to talk with Matthew about this collection!)

Monster Matador (ending Oct. 27)

Seriously. The name says it all for me. Matador versus monster. What more could you want? I do love the hyper-realistic style and distinctive monster designs! I cannot stress enough how cool this concept is.

A Brilliant Implant (ending Oct. 29)

Comics printed for the blind? Let’s do this! A modest campaign, and well-worth some extra support!

Company of Eagles (ending Oct. 30)

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know a lot about this one, but I want to. I mean, it’s described as a swashbuckling, anticolonial tale in the spirit of Lord of the Rings and the Three Musketeers. That is right up my alley! The art looks breathtaking!

Constelación Magazine (ending Nov. 1)

Speculative fiction in Spanish and English, with a cover provided by the amazing John Picacio! Support this! (Also, I interviewed John recently!)

La Mano del Destino (ending Nov. 3)

Created by La Voz de M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo artist J. Gonzo, La Mano del Destino tells the story of a luchador wronged, now on the path to reclaim his honor. Beautiful limited color pallet, great art deco style, this book is going to be AMAZING! (Oh, and I talked with the creator!)

Tales of the Dark Tunnel (ending Nov. 4)

A new take on public domain Golden Age heroes! That’s speaking my language, I’m always up for more stories featuring Golden Age greats!

Puno (ending Nov. 5)

Dystopian cyberpunk comic out of Peru! How many Peruvian comics have your read this year? Not enough if you don’t read one more!

Ballyskillen (ending Nov. 5)

Modern fantasy in a comic that literally comes to life before your eyes? Yes!

Dioses: La Llegada (ending Nov. 18)

A Mesoamerican fantasy manga made in Mexico? Teenage heroes fighting dark gods and ancient prophecies? Heck yeah!

Okay, that’s enough for now – got more crowdfunding that needs a boost?

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