Major Questions About the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo finally revealed the NX – but what is it, and should we be excited for it?

Short answers: This is what it is…

… and yes, we should be excited for it.

Every year, we seem to be approaching the console singularity – the point at which there is no reason to produce a new console. PCs and phones have merged, home devices are changing, new products are increasingly making dedicated gaming devices seem antiquated. And yet, console makers are increasingly upping the ante.

We seem to have hit a graphical wall, as game generations in the 90s were all about doubling the processing power of the previous system, and early 2000s were about all-in-one entertainment systems. The Wii changed the game, so to speak, as the advent of useful motion controls meant future gaming devices could be based around what a console could uniquely offer the player. But, newer computers support Kinect-like input, current phones are all about touch screens and motion controls, so what’s left for the game console?

Nintendo’s answer seems to be portability – and that’s a great answer – but what else does the Nintendo Switch have to offer?

Here are some lingering questions:

Vital Questions Update Answers
Is it backward compatible for Wii or Wii U games?  Not directly, but with motion controls and a touch screen, downloads could be possible.
Can older peripherals be synced?
Does it accept motion controls?  Yes! And improved.
Does it have a touch screen?  Yes! Although details are still forthcoming.
Does any potential touch screen require or allow a stylus?  Apparently not!
Does the touch screen allow for multiple contact points?  Apparently so!
Can the main screen be used while streaming on TV? Apparently not, which brings backward compatibility into question. Also, how was Splatoon streaming in the tournament?
What is the battery life like for the main system?  According to Nintendo, 3-6 hours, with the low-end applying to large games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
What is the batter life like for the Joy-Con controllers?
Can the 3DS be used as a controller?
Is this meant to replace the 3DS?
How much does it cost?  $299 for the main system.
Does it have better graphics when docked?
How much can the game cards handle?
How expansive will third party support be? Several companies have pledged support, but there’s little confirmation – not even for Skyrim shown in the trailer.

Any other important questions to add?

Should I be excited for it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to buy it.

Of course, I’m a loyal Nintendo zombie, so I’m obviously biased. I have every major gaming innovation Nintendo ever put out, even a Virtual Boy and some CD-i titles.

Should you buy it though? Time will tell.

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