All the Presidential Candidates as MODOKs

So… ugly… can’t… stand…

One of Marvel’s weirdest villains, MODOKthe Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing – is the blowhard with the biggest head in the Marvel Universe, and though he dreams of world domination, it never happens.

So in honor of this most contentious of election years, we proudly present to you the five remaining presidential candidates – as MODOKs:

Make up your own acronyms!

Horrible Photoshop skills aside, it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate March MODOK Madness!

Heck, it was even suggested by this week’s Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, so why not do it to the future leaders of the free world?

This comic rocks.

Officially, does not endorse (or decry) any candidate and does not get involved in politics. We can, however, endorse MODOK.

MODOK is awesome.

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