Wonderella Solves Batman v. Superman and Civil War in the Best Way Possible


If you’ve never read The Non-Adventures of Wonderella before, you need to. The snarkiest of heroes (using the “h” word lightly here) finally did some good as fixes Batman v. Superman and Captain America: Civil War.

It’s a tradition in comic books that when two superheroes meet, they have to fight (starting with the very first superhero battle/team-up: the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch), and even heroes who have worked together for years can come to deadly blows over the most banal of reasons. Now the world’s two biggest comic companies are pitting their biggest heroes against each in two different(?) films this year.

Wonderella, the half-assiest of half-ass superheroes and star of the greatest puns in superherodom, has taken it upon her usually meh-shrugged shoulders to settle this once and for all.


That’s the set up… for the conclusion, go check out The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.




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