Breakneck – A New Webcomic Racing Into the Future


Introducing a new webcomic starring Breakneck, aka Vinnie Valvo, a trans man donning a super suit and putting his speed to good use!

Kevin Garcia here, just announcing the start of a new webcomic we’re welcoming to the pages of! I’ve known artist and cosplayer extraordinaire Berly Lapsley for only a few years now, but the artwork and sheer joy of creating comics speaks for itself! Breakneck should be a weekly feature here on Monomythic, and early pages, character sketches, and other odds and ends can be found on Breakneck’s Facebook page or Berly’s Dublufish Productions’ page!

Okay, intro taken care of, take it away Berly!

When I first got into super hero comics, I talked about them with my cousin, and we had the usual debate on what super power we’d want to develop. He said the best power to have was super speed, and he explained all of the reasons why super speed was the best possible power. Automatically gives you strength, reflexes, agility, can lead to flight, and time travel/manipulation. I never realized how interesting speed could be, and I discovered a lot of super heroes with speed that I grew to admire because of the way most of these guys were written- the struggle to do as much as they can as fast as they can.

I could relate with that sort of behavior. So with the inspiration from friends, saying I should get back into comic works of my own, and basing a character off myself even, I took some time to develop a character that’s a fine mix of myself and my favorite speedsters. The name Breakneck came to mind because at the time I had “Free Wheel Burning” by Judas Priest in my head, and one of the lyrics was “at breakneck speeds” so it kind of stuck.




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