Cosplay and Fan Art – The Combo to Beat!


Fan art is great. Cosplay is great. Cosplay and fan art from the same person? Now we’re talking.


Fan art’s all over the net (And if anyone has suggestions for fan art that deserves spotlighted here on Monomythic, point it out!), and Berly Lapsley’s art has an innocent kind of heart to it.


Some characters, like the Crystal Gems, fit well with this art, but seeing angrier characters like Anakin over here, the style creates an interesting effect.


Lately, Berly’s been a obsessed with this sitting pig they found on Etsy, imagining it as a little ceramic cosplayer.


Speaking of, Berly also lives to cosplay (And if you guys know any other cosplayers that deserve a spotlight on Monomythic, let us know!), usually cult favorite’s like Scarlet Witch’s son, or really obscure characters, like Thor’s daughter from a rarely-seen alternate reality


… as well as cosplay staples like Marvel’s Scarlet Witch or Fox’s Quicksilver.


Here’s a nutty one for you. So Clint Barton is Hawkeye (who Berly has cosplayed), and there’s Kate Bishop who is also Hawkeye (her too), and in the ’70s, Clint Barton wore a skirt (yeah, Clint in the ‘7os, too). Well, in one comic, Kate Bishop cosplayed as ’70s Clint Barton.


So here is a cosplayer, cosplaying as Kate, cosplaying as Clint.

Your move, internet.

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