11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Disney is finally expanding its princess library to include royal figures from galaxies far away and long ago – now how about some love for Marvel Princesses?

While most of Disney’s princesses are demure and gentle – with a few notable exceptions – Marvel’s are considerably more prone to violence in the name of good. Take Namora, for example (image up top). The Sea Beauty was the first Marvel Princess to get her own title – way back in 1948! Her story is rife with potential for a princess film: a half-human girl adopted into the Atlantean royal family, she falls in love with a prince, but he loves another. Of course, she spent several decades sort of dead, but that’s where her daughter’s story comes in.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Namorita, Princess of the Sea

Namora eventually married a king, ruling the Pacific by his side while her childhood crush ruled the Atlantic. She and the king had a daughter, Namorita, but an evil witch soon cursed Namora with death-like sleep. The evil witch married the king and treated Namorita like a second-class citizen. It wasn’t until years later, after meeting the prince – childhood friend of Namora – that Namorita was able to be the hero she always dreamed of. Namorita then went to spend a few formative years living in America as a teenager, adopted by a kindly older woman before eventually fighting the good fight.

Namorita’s current status in the comics is a bit ambiguous. She died in an event that kicked off the Superhero Civil War, was brought back to life through a temporal anomaly, and there is currently a girl who looks and sounds like her palling around with the new New Warriors.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Dania, Princess of the Air

A lesser-known hero, to be sure, Dania is the daughter of the first Marvel hero to ever get his own title (sure, it only lasted one issue, but still). What’s interesting about her is that she spent the first 14 years of her life without any human contact. She was raised by a computer on a floating island high in the clouds watching humanity through view screens. When her father and her father’s people were brought back from seeming death, she sought them out and joined them as their princess. It sounds like a neat story, but it was one mostly told between appearances.

Dania was recently – apparently killed off in the most ignoble way possible, following her father who faced a similar – apparent asinine death, but both storylines were vague enough that loopholes for their resurrections could easily be concocted.

And anyway, she has wings! Who doesn’t want a princess with wings!?

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Crystal, Princess of the Inhumans

Crystallia Amaquelin grew up in the reclusive Inhuman city of Attilan. Until she was a young adult, she had never experienced or even seen the modern human world – and when she did, she fell in love with it. Crystal has maintained her innocent naiveté and ingenue status while being the poster child for “don’t believe in love at first sight.” Upon meeting Johnny Storm – Human Torch of the Fantastic Four – she immediately knew he was the love of her life. That was, until she met Pietro Maximoff, or as movie fans know him: The only good thing about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Soon, he was the love of her life. They married and had a kid together. And that’s how it was, until she met the Black Knight. Guess what happened. Then, after a complicated string of events, she was betrothed to the Kree super-agent, Ronan the Accuser, soon to be known to movie fans as the bad guy from Guardians of the Galaxy. Events unfolded as expected.

On the plus side, she’s been a member of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers!

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Polaris, Princess of Mutants

Polaris was first introduced as the long-lost daughter of Magneto. Then she wasn’t his daughter for several decades. Now she’s considered his long-lost daughter again. Comics everybody!

Still, the story of a daughter finding her powerful – and scary – father is one that fits well into the princess mythos. And while Magneto was ruler of Genosha, she was considered a princess.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Ravonna, Princess of Time

An innocent girl taken from her kindly family by a violent beast – she detested him at first, but grew to love him, and through her love, he became a better person. All this, and Ravonna was also put into a death-like sleep for a while!

That is an over simplification of an extremely convoluted story, but the seeds of a good Disney Princess story are all there.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Mephista, Princess of Hell

Hey, they can’t all be good girls.

Mephista, AKA Jezebel, is one of quite a few supposed “children of the devil” in the Marvel U, quasi-half-sister to the slightly more well known Satana. What makes Mephista interesting is that she is more-or-less a blank slate. It’s been implied that her mother was an angel of some sort, and like any good modern princess, she’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Angela, Princess of Heaven Asgard Asgardia

Then there’s the opposite direction.

Angela has a long and storied past – both on and off the page – but her story in the Marvel Universe is still being told. She may or may not be an angel from heaven, and it’s recently been intimated that she’s the daughter of Odin, making her the princess of Asgard (or Asgardia, as current comics are calling it).

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Clea, Princess of the Dark Dimension

Ah, Doctor Strange‘s space princess. Clea has hair that would make even Leia do a double take. She is the good daughter of an evil despot, who found love in the arms of a hero from another dimension (re: Earth), eventually overthrowing her father and taking his place as ruler (though the two have swapped places over the years).

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Shuri, Princess Black Panther

Introduced rather oddly in 2005 in a matter-of-fact way that suggested she’d always been around the Marvel Universe, we just didn’t notice till now, Shuri has gone from partying heiress to ruthless leader in the past decade. Considering she’s one of Marvel’s top fighters and bars no holds when on a mission, it would be interesting to see the current Black Panther in an inverted princess trope role: have her rescue a prince.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

Queen Divine Justice, Princess Ass-Kicker

Speaking of Black Panther, the king of Wakanda has a set of wives-in-training called the Dora Milaje, each the princess of a different tribe within Wakanda. The most interesting of which Queen Divine Justice – a native Chicagoan – was surprised as anyone to learn she was the next princess in line from the Jabari tribe (a tribe that gets a bad rap thanks to one of its members). She once stopped a Hulk rampage by talking the Jade Giant into going with her to a night club, she wears gravity-defying, sound-dampening boots, and she don’t take crap from anyone.

This girl needs a movie.

11 (or so) Marvel Princesses Disney should celebrate

There’s a lot more Marvel Princesses out there, including Princess Zanda of the Collectors, Princess Anelle, the Skrull Juliet to Captain Mar-Vell’s Romeo, the Amazon-like Power Princess (shown here) and the princess-in-name-only Princess Powerful, not to mention dozens of others.

The point is, Marvel and Disney, if you’re going to do this princess thing, go all the way. Make Majesties Marvel!

This story was originally published on the Kinja blog of Kevin Garcia on June 8th, 2014.


  1. Your forgetting that Disney only has rights to a select few Marvel characters. The only character here licensed by Disney is Shuri. The rest of them are not licensed by Disney so they are not Disney princesses, therefore it makes no sense to celebrate them as Disney princesses.

    • At the time I wrote the article, Disney had complete rights to all but Polaris, Namorita, and possibly Ravonna. Now that the Fox deal has gone through, they have complete rights to all except possibly Namorita, and even that seems up for debate, based on comments Marvel Studio has made. But yeah, companies do like to keep properties separate (maybe to hedge their bets in case they plan to resell rights in the future). It’s a shame though. These princesses deserve a spotlight to shine in!

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