Marvin, I Love You: A Sweet Disco Song About a Depressing Robot


That’s right. Somebody loves that paranoid android. And she sang a song about it.

A while back I mentioned some fun fan-made animations of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio plays, but I neglected the oldest fan animation of Marvin’s greatest song!

This one was made by Frank Stringini way back in the pre-YouTube days of 1995, and I thank him for putting this piece of art online.
Marvin, the eternally depressed android from the Hitchhiker’s stories, was actually something of a late disco-era hit in the UK when Stephen Moore, the voice actor who performed as Marvin in the original radio plays, the short-lived television series and occasionally on stage, recorded a few singles (with two songs each) as the melancholic machine. My favorite is the Double B-Side (so-called because, back in the days of LPs, the A-side was for the expected hits and the B-side was for the other stuff no one cared about, so naturally, Marvin’s had two B-sides), which includes “Marvin, I Love You” with the vocal talents of Kimi Wong O’Brien, ex-wife of Riff Raff.

The first album includes his eponymous song:

In the books (and much latter in the radio series’ Tertiary Phase), Marvin canonically sang a song of his own creation: How I Hate the Night. It deserves special attention for the Phillip K. Dick reference:

Now the world has gone to bed

Darkness won’t engulf my head

I can see by infra-red

How I hate the night

Now I lay me down to sleep

Try to count electric sheep

Sweet dream wishes you can keep

How I hate the night

This story was originally published on the Kinja blog Observation Deck on Jan. 5th, 2014.

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