Fiction: “Flyboy”


Monomythic includes fiction stories from time-to-time, so here’s one to kick it off!

By Kevin Garcia

His whole life had led up to this moment. He first heard the news when he was young: the president was coming! Not immediately, of course, but in his lifetime, and that was enough for him.

The rest of his youth was uneventful. The middle child in a very large family, nothing much was expected of him. He never travelled far from home and never achieved any professional success. He did eventually hook up with his childhood sweetheart, but after a tryst all-too short, they parted and he never saw her again.

If there was anything that made him stand out, it was flying. He began flying as soon as he earned his wings and never travelled any other way after that. He could barrel roll, nose dive and loop-de-loop. He wasn’t just good, he was the best. If he lived long enough to meet the president, he would perform for him the most dazzling display of aerial acrobatics any leader had ever witnessed. Then the news came – he was coming.

Watching the president’s motorcade arrive, he shuddered with anticipation, nervous he might screw up but too excited to care.

The president approached his chair and sat down expectantly, and the young airman could hold back no longer. He burst through the air faster than he ever had. Twirled so fast lesser fliers might’ve fainted. He performed not one, not two but three complete loops and finished it all off by landing perfectly on the president’s arm.


” That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got the sucker.”

Though the fly lost his life, he died doing what he loved a few days after he was born.


“Flyboy” © 2009, 2012 by Kevin Garcia

NOTE: On June 16, 2009, President Obama swatted a fly that landed on his sleave during a television interview creating a minor controversy on a slow news day.



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