Marvel Mystery Monday: Dr. Deth, kicking ass (bubble gum not included)

Normally MMM’s are reserved for characters that are overlooked but either owned by Marvel outright or were published by a Marvel predecessor and thus are likely in the public domain. Today’s character’s fits none of those criteria, but is an interesting lost classic none-the-less.

That’s right, Dr. Deth is coming, and he takes no prisoners.


Back in the 1980’s Marvel was making an effort to try new things, whether that meant creating a new universe or having an “event” crossover mini-series. It also meant publishing creator-owned comics.

Such was the case with Bizarre Adventures a short-lived non-Comics Code series that included both Marvel-owned content like Thor and Howard the Duck (though the latter’s status was challenged a few times over the years) and creator-owned material like Larry Hama’s Dr. Deth (not to mention Kip and Muffy).

Interestingly enough, despite (apparently) only appearing in two issues (31 and 34), this Marvel Mystery has been optioned as a film by an up-and-coming studio.

The story:

In his second (and final?) appearance, Dr. Deth and his two comely companions Kip and Muffy hunt down cannibalistic mutants on snow-covered American roads. The tween terror is particularly interested in a pair of degenerates and the powerful preschooler they are trying to corrupt.

Dodging machine gun fire as his blonde babe burns rubber and his ginger-haired hunter provides cover-fire, Dr. Deth leaps onto the enemy camper. He quickly finds himself embroiled in a fight with the thuggish tyke, but the murderous munchkin makes the best of it, arming the kid with one of his many guns.

Blowing the brains out of the boy’s mutant masters and trashing their truck, Dr. Deth “adopts” the small one into his growing band of ne’er-do-well do-gooders.


Despite his prepubescent appearance, Dr. Deth possesses the skills of the most battle-hardened soldier and the arsenal of a small army. Kip and Muffy, his red and blond-haired bosom buddies, are nearly as talented with their driving and firearms skills. The newest member, the bucktoothed kid, is stronger than he looks and a quick learner with a gun.

Why hasn’t the character shown up again?

Well, for one, he is owned by Larry Hama, though ownership has not stopped characters from showing up in Marvel comics before, it does make it tricky. C’mon Larry, make it happen!

How could the character be brought back?

To be honest, it’d be a blast to see this guy team up with (or fight) the Punisher, and with a movie potentially coming out, what better time than now?

Update: Just a quick note to acknowledge the artist. The images here were drawn by Bob Camp, though the characters and story are owned by Larry Hama.


  1. .
    Give me more Dr. Deth!

    I loved those two issues of Bizarre Adventures when they came out. Great stuff!

    Dr. Deth always reminded me of that lollipop-sucking kid (Marvin? Who was Marvin?) in that Spirit story by Eisner in which the fat schoolteacher is terrorized by the kid whose EC horror comic book he took.

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