Kick-Ass Robot: Before the Borg and Terminator, there was Warlock

There’s an alien race, half-machine, half-alive, traveling from planet to planet assimilating living beings into their collective. The Borg perhaps? Not hardly.

A living metal machine that can become anyone or anything, can never be fully destroyed and can remain completely undetectable hiding among the human race. The T-1000 you might say? Nah, this robot predates even the original T-800 by two months.

Long before the Borg or the Terminator ripped off these concepts, Warlock was fighting on the side of the X-Men in the pages of Marvel’s New Mutants. The techno-organic hero was the brainchild of British author and mutant godfather Chris Claremont and avant-guarde artist Bill Sienkiewicz. He premiered in New Mutants #18, 1984.

Warlock exists as a “mutant” member of an alien race. His people, the Technarchy, travel light years from their home planet Kvch to seek out and consume the “lifeglow” of living creatures. They absorb all knowledge and matter into themselves and stop at nothing to take and destroy everything in their path. What made Warlock so unique is his mutant ability: he feels compassion.

Driven by a desire to make a more peaceful life for his kind, Warlock joined the X-Men-in-training and fought bravely alongside them for years. He learned about the value of life, the pain of losing a friend, finding love and standing up to his enemies. All this, while talking like a cross between Johnny 5 and Spock and transforming into stranger forms than Daffy Duck on his craziest days.

Why bring up this blast from comic book’s past? Sure, he’s had few appearances since his first death in New Mutants #95, but Marvel brought him back in the recent Annihilation books and now he’s set to return again in the up-coming New Mutants series. Check it out!

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