Woden’s Day Wisdom: That Time Thor Wore Drag

Sure in the comics, Thor’s been a woman and there have been women (and girls) who have tried to take his place, but back in the land of the ice and snow they tell the tale of Thor’s wedding day and forsaking the dignity of the God of Thunder, it’s absolutlely hilarious.

In the 800-year-old-poem Thrymskvida the great Thor is shown at his best – well, his finest anyway.

As the legend goes, Thor woke up one morning to find his favorite hammer gone. Turns out Thrymr the giant stole it while he was sleeping. One can only guess what he was doing the night before when he failed to notice a giant taking his favorite hammer, but whatever. For the safety of all Asgard, Thor needs to get Mjollnir back, but the giant says “finders keepers.”

Loki, of all beings, negotiates a compromise. Thor gets his hammer back if Thrymr can marry Freya, most beautiful of the goddesses. This seem reasonable to Thor and Loki, but they’re shocked when the beauty says “no” (throwing stuff as she says so). Running back to the other gods for help and they suggest having someone else take her place – Thor perhaps?

Thor will have none of this, but Loki, always looking to make the gods look bad wanted to make sure it happened. He even offered to dress up as a girl himself, to make the big guy feel better (of course, Loki in drag is no biggie as others will tell you).

Annoyed, but helpless without his hammer, Thor submits. They dress him up in the finest fabrics and braid his hair with the gentlest flowers. Loki was doing all he could not to laugh, most likely, while asking if his own dress made his horns look fat.

The pair return to Thrymr, ready and presumably willing, and the giant believes them instantly (even with a veil covering Thor’s beard, one wonders what Freya looked like that someone could make the mistake). He goes in for the kiss, only to get a pair of angry looking eyes staring back at him. Pausing to reconsider his marriage proposal, Thrymr is convinced to give the blushing bride a gift before the ceremony, and what better gift than Mjollnir?

Sure enough, as soon as that hammer is placed on her lap, the bride smiles. That was the last thing Thrymr ever saw.

Who knows, maybe Thor would look better as a girl?

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  1. […] Kevin Garcia’s speech (yes, I talk about myself in third person sometimes), delivered as part of the Nerd Nite series on August 9, 2017 at the North Door in Austin, goes in depth on what the monomyth is, tying the hero’s journey (and oral tradition) to the Superman mythos. Several modernized versions of the ancient tales of Thor and Loki are thrown in for good measure, including the story of Thor’s wedding. […]

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