About Kevin Garcia


Much to the surprise of those who know me and my penchant for storytelling, I hate talking about myself. Since I’m the one founding this site, however, I guess I should explain myself somewhat.

My name is Kevin Garcia, and I’m a mythoholic.

A journalist and educator by trade, I have an unhealthy obsession with books – particularly those about the history and mythology surrounding heroic adventurers, gods, goddesses, monsters and lost civilizations. I also have a slightly healthier obsession with science fiction and fantasy, though in truth I rarely read modern fiction. With the notable exception of Douglas Adams, I rarely read fiction written in my lifetime.

I do, however, love genre movies and TV, from silent films to the occasional guilty pleasure of a popcorn flick. On a related note, I love video games in the same way. I love the latest of current generation console games, but I still have a working NES and a C64.

My biggest vice is comic books. For others it’s smoking or drinking – but my costly addiction comes in the form of four-color, center-stabled sequential art. Last time I counted I had over 5,000 comics – but that was when I was in middle school more than 15 years ago (before I had a paying job).

As long as I’m laying it all on the table, I became a regular tabletop RPGer as an adult, primarily using the Storyteller System.

Alright, that was extremely boring – and that’s saying a lot coming from me. With this narcissistic side-trip out of the way… back to the monomyths!

For a better concept of who I am and what I’ve done (including published articles), visit my site.

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